About Us

Who are we?

Youth care services is an establishment that seeks to support and to encourage every young person to develop realistic aspirations for themselves.

Youth Care provides young people aged from 16+ the opportunity to live independently but in a supported environment. The purpose of the project is to provide housing with support to vulnerable children and young people in care and help them to learn about independent living and life skills.  The project accepts young people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds including Albanian, Asian, Caribbean and African communities, as well as refugees from European Communities and other countries around the world.

Staff will support young people in gaining confidence to enable them to make decisions in their life and support them in daily routine duties, such as cooking, cleaning etc. Staff will ensure that they understand the importance of being respectful, polite and live peacefully and respectfully within our environment – with other housemates, staff and neighbours. The young person will have the opportunity to be supported with managing their own tenancy, finances, maintaining access to the community and building their future.

Youth Care provides a managed service that offers a future to those who need it and is able to see young people gain self-respect, confidence, skills, education and training prospects that are comfortable and at a level that they feel is possible for them to manage independently and in the community.

We are currently located in Croydon, however, we would like to extend our reach, given enough time.


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