youth care

Youth Care is an establishment that seeks to support and to encourage every young person to develop realistic aspirations for themselves.

Youth Care promotes the best outcomes for each young person, creating dignity, independence, social inclusion and decision making in a safe environment.


Our staff members are experienced in working with and supporting young people to gain their independence.

Our staff work effectively as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

All our support staffs are provided with regular training and monthly supervision.

Highly qualified

Semi-Independent Living

Youth Care provides a family style house. All bedrooms will facilitate and promote young people’s privacy and independence.

16-18 Years Old

Youth care provides an accommodation for young people in need from the age of 16+

Full Support

The purpose of the project is to provide housing with support to vulnerable young people in care and to help them learn about independent living and life skills.

24/7 Housing

Our accommodation offers a safe, secure and stable environment, with staff on premises 24/7.

Continuous Assessment

Youth Care will monitor, record and communicate young people’s progress

Multi-Agency Working

Youth care is committed to working in partnership with other professionals to secure a good quality of care and healthcare for the young people accommodated.

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